What is the 918 Initiative?

3 Prayer Items for This Month!

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What is the 918 Initiative?

3 Prayer Items for August!

1. That God's people all across the globe would let their light shine in a dark world.

That God would begin a Great Awakening and many would come to know Him!

 That truth would prevail in the pulpits of every local church.

Phone Skins (To help you remember)

Requests sent after 4:30pm (CST) will be added the following morning.

"Father God in Heaven, I Pray For there to be an earthly revival proclaiming Jesus as Savior of the whole world. In the Name of Jesus, I pray. Amen"

- Pat (Bixby, OK)

"My wife, Pam, and I, are both home with Covid. Pam is very weak and tired. Would appreciate your prayers. Thanks very much."

- John (Tulsa, OK)

"I am requesting prayer for our congregation. I am praying for their hearts to open up to do the Lord’s work and to truly start to love one another. I am also asking for healing for the pastor. He has to have a big surgery. I am also asking the Lord to send the willing people who truly want to learn his word, they are open to his word and want to truly serve in the church. They don’t have an agenda but the agenda of Christ and the agenda to move His Kingdom forward. Lord please send the kind hearted people."

- Anonymous (Washington State)

"My Dad is retiring from the corporate world after 50 years.  Pray he finds value in his next adventure, discernment for the Holy Spirit's guidance, and patience while it develops."

- Daniel (Broken Arrow, OK)

"Still recovering from Covid-19.  Could use prayer for continued healing."

- Chris & Kim (Tulsa, OK)

"Adult children who have turned their backs on the Lord. "

- Claudia (Tulsa, OK)

"Please pray for us as we take our first sabbatical in 46 years of ministry.  We want to hear God and truly rest. "

- Andy & Becky (Groom, TX)

"Please pray for children in Israel."

- Jan (Tulsa, OK)

"Praying for our neighbors who don’t know Jesus to come into a saving relationship with Him."

- Shanna (Broken Arrow, OK)

"My son and his wife are getting a divorce. He has walked away from God .They have 2 small children 2yrs and 9months."

- Twana (Broken Arrow, OK)

"Praying that God will open and close the doors following our wreck, and provide the right repair shop and that our insurance will cover the repairs…also, for God to bless the young lady that hit us!"

- Andy (Groom, TX)

"For my brother who's walked away from the faith."

- Anonymous (Tulsa, Ok)

We're asking EVERY Christian, EVERY church, from EVERY denomination, from EVERY country to commit to pray!  Here's the challenge:

If you are a church leader, submit the pledge below and you will begin to receive the monthly newsletter with the 3 targeted prayer items for the month.   Ask your congregation to pray for these 3 things three times a day (morning, noon, and night) for the entire month until the next month when we release 3 new prayer items!  THAT'S IT!  It's that easy!  We've found that printing  the 3 prayer items on index cards and handing them out to the congregation once a month is a great way to get your people engaged.  We have also provided phone backgrounds to help remind your people to pray.  Another great way to remember to pray is to set an alarm on your phone for 9am, 1pm, and 8pm to pray!  

918 Challenge Pledge