918 Initiative

What is the 918 Initiative?

In the book of Daniel, we find something remarkable about the person of Daniel himself.  In Daniel chapter 6, when the edict was given in the land that for 30 days no-one was to petition any god or man except for King Darius , or they would be thrown into the lion's den, Daniel did what he always did.  He went into his room upstairs, got down on his knees (3 times a day), prayed, and gave thanks to his God.  This is where we get the 918 Initiative.  The numbers 918 are the area code for the Tulsa area, so they're easy to remember, but they also represent the morning, noon, and nighttime.  As a church, we want to commit time in the morning, noon, and night every day to pray for 3 specific, targeted items every month.   What if we all worked this discipline of the faith into our own lives just as Daniel did?  What if we had an entire congregation doing this together?  What if we focused our prayers as a congregation 3 times a day on these three items?  The things we could watch God do!  We're asking you to join in on this prayer initiative and engage in battle with us!

3 Prayer Items for March!

1. For God to bring spiritual hunger in His people at Evergreen & draw us to fervent intercession
For conviction, brokenness, and repentance for doctors who perform abortions, and for an increased number of pregnant women to turn to Christian pregnancy centers.
For plans of the enemy to fail on the local, state, and national levels, and that God would be glorified

Phone Skins (To help you remember)