Evergreen Foundations

Evergreen 101

Want to learn more about who we are and why we do things the way we do? Evergreen 101 takes place on the second Sunday of every month and is your opportunity to go deep into how we are structured as a church and why. Here from some of our Pastors and others and get your questions answered. Have questions about Evergreen 101? Contact us at the link below.

Evergreen 201

Discipleship is central to the growth and mission of every Christian. In Evergreen 201 you can learn more about what discipleship looks like and how you can get involved in this essential journey toward holiness. This class is offered sporadically throughout the year. Have  questions about Evergreen 201 and when the next class is offered? Contact us at the link below.

Evergreen 301

Did you know all Christians have been specially gifted by the Holy Spirit to contribute something only you can and no one else? Spiritual gifts were always intended to be used to build up the church. Do you know your gifts and how to use them in the body of Christ? Evergreen 301 explores this to help you find your place at Evergreen.  Have more questions about Evergreen 301? Contact us at the link below.

Evergreen 401

Millions of Americans profess Christianity, but relatively few can tell you why they follow Jesus. Evergreen 401 focuses on evangelism and apologetics to equip you with some simple tools to share and defend your faith. Take this class and watch your confidence in the Gospel blossom. Have questions about 401? Contact us at the link below.