ProPresenter Training

ProPresenter General Overview

This video is a little longer, but it will provide you with a general overview of operating ProPresenter. This is a good start.

Screen Configuration

This video will help you understand the basics of making sure the correct thing is displayed on the correct computer screen or projector.

Editing Slides

This  video will help you to understand how to make edits to various slides when you see an error or something that needs to be changed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

This video explains how ProPresenter uses shortcuts and what you can do with them.

MultiTracks and ProPresenter

MultiTracks is the software that the Worship team uses to playback the supplemental tracks for audio and provides the chords for us to display on the back projector screen. This video will help you understand that better.

DeckLink Duo Configuration

This video is more advanced and explains how ProPresenter connects to the little black box behind the computer on the desk in the tech booth. This should be setup and left alone, but it is helpful to understand this should there be an issue in the future.