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Leadership Team

New Team Member Onboarding Checklist

Install Slack App
Andrew will send them an invite link in a text message. They need to join and create a login. Then Andrew will add them to all the appropriate channels. You just need to help them find and install the app. Explain that this is the primary method of communications and they need to make sure that notifications are turned on.
Install Planning Center App
if applicable
This app is for scheduling for events and Sunday mornings. They need to download the app and turn on notifications. Andrew will send them a welcome email to get them setup. Explain to them that they will be able to accept or decline scheduling requests as well as block out dates they aren't available
Wed. and Sun. Rehearsals
if applicable
For those serving on Sunday morning they need to be available for Wednesday rehearsals. They begin at 7:30pm and usual last until 8:15pm. These times will also serve as our primary training times.
Tour of our Space
Show them around all of our places including the sanctuary tech booths, the broadcast audio suite, and the Upper Room tech booth. You can also show them the closet next to the sanctuary where we have the video switcher.
Explain Communications Team
if applicable
For those not serving on the Communications team you can explain that we also have this team to help with the website and social media. This is an area that some may not realize fall under Media Ministry.
All-hands Meetings
These meetings are for everyone and attendance is very strongly encouraged. Here we will provide major updates and share vision, not to mention seeing everyone in Media Ministry.
Occassional Fun Events
We will have events from time to time, like game nights, where we just get together to enjoy ourselves.
Working on this, but this will be things like training resources and other helps. This will take time to develop.