Abortion: The Fight Intensifies

As the fight against abortion continues, Biden shows himself as the most radical pro-abortion leader in the history of the United States. As conservatives push back against the pro-choice movement, how should Christians understand the trajectory of America? What does the Bible say about this? What could happen to America if we don’t change? Listen in as Pastor Michael addresses these questions on #TruthCurrents.

Additional Resources:
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Grace Melton and Joy Mdivo, “U.S. Promotion of Abortion Abroad Is Ideological Colonialism, Not Gender Equality,”  July 2021.

Marisa Herman, “Supreme Court Could End 50 Years of Abortion Rights,” Newsmax, July 2021.

Jay  O’Callaghan, “America Needs More Babies: Without them, the U.S. faces economic chaos,” Newsmax, June 2021.

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