The Tyranny of the Agent

In 1787 the deliberations of the constitutional convention were debating about what the new nation would look like. Would we have a king? Would there be some other system? Because the deliberations were in secret, anxious citizens gathered waiting to find out the results. And as the men exited the building we’re told about a Mrs. Powell who confronted Benjamin Franklin and said, “Dr. Franklin, what do we have: a republic or a monarchy?” And with no hesitation whatsoever Ben Franklin says, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Here we are more than 200 years later and we see the Republic being undermined by some of the very segments of our structure that were designed to keep it safe. How do we think about these things biblically? Join Pastor Michael on TruthCurrents.

Daniel R. Suhr, “A call to rebellion,” August 7, 2023.

Jonathan Turley, “Tyranny of the minority: Liberal law profs urge Biden to defy the courts and the public,” July 22, 2023.

Jonathan Turley, “Washington Post Columnist Calls for the End of Impartiality and Balance in Journalism,” September 24, 2022.
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