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Spring 2024 Courses

Old Testament Survey I, Church History Survey, and Hermeneutics are the next classes offered through Evergreen Institute. They will take place at Evergreen Church from 6:30pm-8pm, Wednesday nights beginning January 10th.

Course Timeline

Church History Survey
Old Testament Survey

Spring 2024

Church History Survey

Summer 2024

Old Testament Survey I
Fundamentals of Bible Study
Systematic Theology

Fall 2024

Old Testament Survey II
Fundamentals of Teaching
Church History Survey

Spring 2025

Systematic Theology
Old Testament Theology
Fundamentals of T

Summer 2025

New Testament Survey
Fundamentals of Bible Study

Fall 2025

Two Tracks
One Spiritual Journey

Audit Track

Individuals are welcome to take courses as they wish without receiving Institute credit. They will not be required to pay the registration fee or to complete the assigned work for each class.

Certificate Track

Individuals will pay a one time registration fee of $49 to register for the Evergreen Institute. They will also commit to a course schedule that will accommodate their schedule. Once an individual completes all six Evergreen Institute core classes, they will receive a certificate for completing the basic course block and will be eligible for admittance into future advanced courses.

Course Summaries

Fundamentals of Teaching and Preaching
Will cover inductive bible study, how to prepare and present a lesson, how to use Bible study tools, basic hermeneutics, how to write and plan a lesson series, training in public speaking, and vision and long term lesson planning.
New Testament Survey
$53 (book)
Covers authorship and setting of NT books, theological themes of the NT, guidance for the church in a hostile culture, civic and religious responsibilities, the model of the NT Church, as well as church leadership and organization.
$22 (book)
Hermeneutics is the theory (science) and practice (art) of biblical interpretation. In this class students will learn the basic principles of biblical interpretation, how to approach different kinds of literature within the Bible, and how to accurately interpret God’s word.
Church History Survey
$15 (book)
Church History Survey provides broad exposure to the history of the church from Peter’s sermon at Pentecost (Acts 2) to the present day. Students will learn about key figures and church leaders who have shaped church culture (ecclesiology) and its influence throughout history.
Systematic Theology
$35 (book)
Systematic Theology is a method of organizing key theological principles into a functional worldview. This class covers a broad range of subjects including the doctrines of God, Jesus (Christology), the Holy Spirit, Sin, and others.
Old Testament Survey - COMING SOON
Old Testament Survey focuses on a broad understanding of the books of the Old Testament. This course covers the authors, origin, cultural settings, significance, and how each book contributes to the message of the gospel.