The Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP) is designed to provide a year-long opportunity
for hands-on ministry experience and leadership development for an individual
who is exploring the possibility of vocational ministry in their future.

MAP focuses on three key areas of development:

Individuals are developed through:
·  Intentional time of discipleship and training with a specific ministry leader
·  Structured training and development with a variety of ministry leaders and pastors
·  Hands-on opportunities to apply what they have learned in real ministry settings

Potential Ministries Areas:
Special Needs
... and more!


Q: When should I apply?
A: There are three due dates for applications:
      ·  DECEMBER 1st   (entry date: January 1st)
      ·  APRIL 1st   (entry date: May 1st)
      ·  AUGUST 1st   (entry date: September 1st)

Q: When would I begin?
A: In order to maximize resources and scheduling, entry dates are:
      ·  JANUARY 1st
      ·  MAY 1st
      ·  SEPTEMBER 1st

Q: What are the dates of MAP?
A: MAP runs for 50 weeks, following the dates above.

Q: What are the Hours and Pay for MAP?
A: MAP is a part-time program that offers 20 hours per week at a rate of $15/hour.

Q: What are the responsibilities of those in MAP?
A:The responsibilities include but are not limited to:
      ·  Spend time with direct report(s) in the areas of discipleship, training, teaching, mentoring, and planning.
      ·  Assist in the everyday tasks of the assigned ministry area as directed by direct report(s)      .
      ·  Assist with occasional tasks of other ministries as directed by direct report(s).
      ·  Attend weekly staff meeting(s).
      ·  Attend a weekly Internship Development Course with the Executive Pastor of Discipleship.
      ·  Attend church services and activities as directed.
      ·  Spend additional non-office time doing spiritual, personal, or professional development as assigned by direct report(s).

Q: What are the qualifications needed for applicants of MAP?
A: The following qualification are expected of applicants in accordance to 1 Tim 3:1-13, 4:12-16, Titus 1:5-9, and the Evergreen Membership Covenant:
      · Must be 18+ years old.
      · Has accepted Christ as personal Lord and Savior.
      · Must be growing in relationship with God through spiritual disciplines.
      · Must be or become a member of Evergreen and uphold the expectations found in covenant         membership.
      · Must be in agreement with the Evergreen vision, core beliefs, and by-laws.
      · Must adhere to the EBC staff handbook.
      · Must be teachable, respectful, punctual, humble, goal-oriented, organized, and a self-starter.
      · Must be able to work with others in a collaborative team environment.
      · Must be willing to be challenged and must welcome critical feedback.
      · Must pass background check and child safety training.
      · Must have access to personal transportation to and from EBC.
      · Planning and/or inquiring about a future in vocational ministry.
      · Must have a personal cell phone.
      · Must have their own vehicle and be responsible for their own transportation.

Q: In what ways will MAP develop individuals for a potential future in ministry?
A: The three areas of development are spiritual, personal, and professional as seen below:

         · Discipleship
         · Spiritual Disciplines
      Quiet Time
      Scripture Memory
         · Disciple Making
         · Finding & Understanding Spiritual Gifts
         · Service

         · Organization
         · Goal-Setting
         · Planning
         · Leadership  (individuals)
         · Leadership (teams)
         · Evaluation
         · Communication
         · Teamwork

         · Defining Ministry Area
         · Understanding Ministry Vision/Goals
         · Knowing and Growing in Ministry Skills (teaching, music, etc.)
         · Team Management
         · Enlisting, Equipping, and Commissioning Volunteers
         · Ministry Budget Management
         · Event Planning and Execution (if applicable)
         · Church/Ministry Communication (as needed)

Q: Can I work another job or be in school while in MAP?
A: Yes, as long as the hours of work and study does not dramatically interfere with the apprenticeship or affect the individual negatively physically, mentally, or spiritually. Evergreen places a high priority on education and well-being and will work diligently with MAP individuals to help them succeed in these areas of their life.

Q: Does MAP offer insurance?
A: No. Evergreen does not provide health insurance to individuals who are part-time.

Q: Will I be guaranteed a job after MAP?
A: Although there is a possibility of MAP individuals being considered for career opportunities beyond the program, there is no guarantee of a long-term staff position with Evergreen Baptist Church following MAP.

Q: What if I have unanswered questions?
A: If you have unanswered questions, please feel free to contact Pastor AJ Gonzalez by clicking the e-mail button at the bottom of the page.

Q: I am ready to apply, now what?


This is the application for the Evergreen Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP).
Please fill out as much information to the best of your knowledge.
You will be contacted within two weeks of submission with an update on your application status.
Availability is limited.

Resumés are not required but are welcomed. Please e-mail your resumés to:
Attn: MAP

A.J. Gonzalez
Executive Pastor / Discipleship
Head of the Ministry Apprenticeship Program