Evergreen Church is excited to offer the Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP). MAP is designed to equip and develop the next generation of church leaders. This comprehensive 12-month journey combines hands-on ministry experience with in-depth classroom learning aimed at individuals who feel a calling to vocational ministry. MAP also provides tools and support to assist and equip individuals in finding full-time ministry opportunities upon completion of the program.

Who Are We?

Evergreen Baptist church is a body of believers in mutual accountability growing together in Christlikeness and strength of faith, displaying the marks of Christ in such a way that the world around us recognizes the distinctiveness of our lives.
  • Over 30 staff members 
  • Approaching 1500 congregation members
  • 50 acres of property 
  • Over 150,000 square foot building space
  • Church serving the Tulsa metro area

Evergreen's Church Covenant Priorities

  • Protecting the unity of Evergreen
  • Sharing in the responsibility of Evergreen
  • Serve the ministry of Evergreen
  • Support the testimony of Evergreen
                                     “Knowing God, Sharing Life, Changing the World.”

MAP Purpose and Overview

The goal of MAP is to equip and prepare individuals for leadership roles within the local church. This is achieved by offering a diverse range of experiential learning opportunities in practical ministry settings, imparting Biblical knowledge in classroom environments, and fostering personal, professional, and spiritual growth through discipleship relationships.

Evergreen’s Ministry Apprenticeship Program differs from a ministry internship in that it seeks to give a broad, whole-church overview of ministry and engagement. Over the 50-week program, apprentices will gain church experience and Biblical knowledge necessary for future ministry leadership.
In particular, apprentices will gain real and practical ministry experience by working alongside a ministry leader in a specific ministry area. This ministry leader will invest in them personally through teaching them healthy habits and disciplines. Professionally, they will help apprentices learn ministry leadership through hands on experiences. Apprentices will grow spiritually as they experience a Biblical discipleship relationship with their ministry over-seer or another Evergreen staff member.
Another way apprentices will be grown is through the classroom experience on Mondays. Courses apprentices will experience, include:
  • Church History Survey
  • Hermeneutics
  • Formation through Spiritual Disciplines
  • Systematic Theology
  • Fundamentals of Teaching
  • Biblical Leadership Competencies
  • Biblical Counseling
  • And more!
A significant portion of an apprentice’s time will be spent with other apprentices, observing and discussing various ministry areas. Apprentices will build a strong relationship with one another as they go through courses together, pray together, and share ministry experiences with one another.


  • Must be 18 or older. 
  • It is preferred to have a minimum of two years of continuing education or two years of full-time work experience.
  • Available to those who are single or married.
  • Must have received Christ as Lord and Savior and been scripturally baptized.
  • Must be willing to become a covenant member of Evergreen Church.
  • Individuals should be able to express and articulate a genuine call to ministry.
  • Must be in agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and the Evergreen Statement of Faith. 
  • Must be available for all required time commitments for the program. 
  • Part time employment outside of the MAP program is encouraged so long as the MAP program does not become second priority. 
  • It is not recommended that educational advancements be pursued outside of the program. (If an individual is pursuing a college degree at the time they apply for the program, a longer conversation may be had to discuss if this is the right time for this opportunity.)
  • Will be expected to have their own transportation and phone. A personal laptop is needed for the program. A laptop can be made available (as needed).


  • Evergreen will collaborate with candidates to identify housing opportunities within the congregation, ensuring no cost to the individual in the MAP program. 
  • The individual joining the MAP program and host will enter into a clarifying agreement to ensure maximum value and effectiveness.
  • Evergreen will provide: 
  1. Housing with a host home and a $200/mo stipend for food and gas.
  1. $500/mo food and gas stipend
  • Evergreen will provide tools and support to assist individuals in finding full time ministry opportunities upon completion of the program. 
(Note: Although candidates may be considered for a position at Evergreen there is no guarantee of employment upon the completion of the MAP program)


The Ministry Apprentice Program (MAP)  is a 12-month, 28 hour-per-week program that begins August 19, 2024 and ends August 6, 2025.

A typical MAP program week could look like:
     Monday: Class Day (8 hrs)
     Tuesday: Ministry Team Meetings and Ministry Hours (8 hrs)
     Wednesday: Ministry Hours (8 hrs)
     Thursday: Half Day of Ministry Hours (4 hrs)
     Friday & Saturday: OFF
     Sunday: Church/Ministry

Application and Selection Process

  • The application to apply is below.
Individuals must submit their application by May 31st, 2024
  • After staff has reviewed your application, you will be notified in order to let you know if you fit the MAP program. Evergreen’s selection process will be completed by June 28th, 2024.


This is the application for the Evergreen Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP).
Please fill out as much information to the best of your knowledge.
You will be contacted within two weeks of submission with an update on your application status.
Availability is limited.

Resumés are not required but are welcomed. Please e-mail your resumés to:
Attn: MAP

A.J. Gonzalez
Executive Pastor / Discipleship
Head of the Ministry Apprenticeship Program